Last week, I was peacefully having my first tea of 2021, while reflecting on my new year’s resolution and on the reactions it had stirred at new year’s eve.

“I want to find the courage to be more actively a feminist: to start speaking up my mind when I see sexist behavior, to start showing up at meetings, demonstrations, cultural events, etc.”
“Oh, come on, you don’t want to become one of those angry feminists…”, said one of my —female— friends.

As determined as I am to make this resolution a reality, I could not help but feel a bit…

The day I realized that confidence is not innate, that it is built by action and habit, my self-esteem started to rise. Slowly but surely.

So here is a list of baby-steps you can take on an everyday basis in order to boost your confidence. Some of them might look absurd, but if you try to go too fast -by attempting to accomplish big things while lacking self-esteem- you’re more likely to fail and enter a low self-esteem spiral.

1. Change your mind once or twice next time you order food or coffee somewhere

« The customer is king », they said. Yet lots of people with low self-esteem struggle to stick to this old…

So here we are. You’ve downloaded that 5th meditation app on your phone, you’ve stuck to your daily 10-minute routine for a few days… but life happened! And now it’s been a week since your last mindful moment. You’ve (once more) failed to make it a routine, you can see mindfulness slipping away from your hands, and the doors to inner peace slamming in front of you.

Paradoxically enough, the healthy habits that were supposed to help you relieve stress are becoming a new source of anxiety. Maybe you’re feeling anxious when going to bed, as you’re thinking about how…

As more and more people are shifting to plant-based diets for environmental reasons (which is great), a strange phenomenon has started to emerge. An increasing number of young people suffering from eating disorders hide their fear of eating animal products, which they often perceive as higher in calories, under the banner of eco-friendliness.

Through high-school and the beginning of college, I weighed 108 lbs and was 5’7’’ high (which gave me a BMI of 16.5). I struggled with my weight and body-image.
Recently, I dared to admit that during these mental anorexia years, I would dodge eating meat…

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